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A home

As an addition to the mantelpiece family portraits, why not an interesting likeness of the lovely building you live in hanging on the wall and matching the color scheme of the room?

AN office building

Imagine a huge portrait of your office building hanging above the reception as a center piece and focal point, underlining where you are as you step through the door. Or a unique piece hanging behind your desk amplifying the space you work in and the importance of your precense at work.

a hotel

Entering hotel rooms and corridors the decor on the walls can often seem bland and uninvolving. Having a visually manifested interpretation of the building you are in for a short stay, can expand your experience by recognizing the architecture you are in, always carefully coordinated with the color scheme of the chosen interior.

an iconic building

If you cherish a certain architectural composition, why settle for a postcard? Together we can create an exquisite interpretation and frame it elegantly on your own wall. Here we have taken the most famous and oldest hotel in Copenhagen, creating a contemporary graphic layer on top of a combination of a photograph combined with lines marking up the detailing of the buildings structure.

TOLASSE    DANISh DESIGN inspired by the greater world

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