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Tolasse is a contemporary and innovative Danish design company based in Copenhagen that specializes in creating architectural portraits of buildings and "arty tecture" in dialogue with our clients in Denmark France and Dubai.

We combine photography, architecture, and graphics into bespoke pieces of original art to adorn your walls, digital media or even textiles.


Whether it is a single framed piece for a private home or several pieces to strengthen a specific marketing brand, we cover the spectrum - the sky is the limit.

Each piece can be custom-made to reflect the architecture, interior and colour scheme of the space it is to reside in, or even product it is to represent.

The story telling of a brand or place will always be part of the creation. These sources of inspiration are joined into a unique piece of timeless art, always ensuring a context where from the story is told and the creative process originates.

In our shop you will get an appetizer of work that can be bought to match your interior or wardrobe.

- Enjoy our arty-tecture setting you tastefully apart from your surroundings.

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our clients and partners in Copenhagen, paris and dubai

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we are trustpilot certified.

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We can customize art work for you,

tailormade to suit your private home or companys DNA.

We tweek and adjust the motif so it compliments your interior in color scheme, size and print material.
making your art work a natural part of your surroundings.

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nordisk indretningsdesign

The architectural portraits by TOLASSE are created by the hands of an Architect with the same digital tools that create modern day architecture.

Samples of art works can be bought here in our webshop in a variation of sizes.

you can even order special prints on canvas, brushed aluminium or plywood!




wear art 



We even print some of our art works on different types of textiles. Making what you surround your self with or wear very personal, vibrant and unique.

All of our textile prints are produced on demand hand sewn under eu regulations and saves the environment for a lot of pollution and waste.


no fast fashion here!

While gazing into the future in the process, we remain contemporary and timeless in our products. 

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TOLASSE    DANISh DESIGN inspired by the greater world

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